Where Is Big Timber Tv Show Filmed?

The movie ″Big Timber″ was shot on Vancouver Island, in the province of British Columbia. On the slopes of Klitsa Mountain, which is the second-highest mountain in the southern region of the island, the logging operations are carried out. The slopes are extremely steep, some of which reach an inclination of sixty degrees, and the weather may be quite unpredictable.

The television show Big Wood is based on a real-life timber company located on Vancouver Island. The majority of the first season’s episodes were shot between September 2019 and January 2020, and the Canadian History channel debuted them on their network for the first time on October 8, 2020.

Where is’Big Timber’filmed?

In particular, Wenstob and his firm are operating on a claim of property that is located on Klitsa Mountain, which is located in a remote portion of Vancouver Island. Its difficult terrain is a natural obstacle for Wenstob’s logging business, which helps contribute to the drama that drives each of the 10 episodes of ″Big Timber″ that have been filmed thus far.

What channel is Big Timber on?

Show on the History channel that focuses on reality. BIG TIMBER chronicles the perilous labor of logger and sawmill owner Kevin Wenstob as he and his staff go to extremities to maintain the family sawmill, as well as their traditional way of life, operational.

When will Big Timber Season 1 premiere on Netflix?

On July 2, 2021, the first season of ″Big Timber″ was made available on Netflix in its entirety for streaming. Before making its debut on the streaming site, the first season of the show was broadcast in Canada on History Channel from October 8, 2020, all the way through December 10, 2020.

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Who are the actors in the movie Big Timber?

Big Timber: With Sarah Fleming, Erik Wenstob, Kevin Wenstob, Coleman Willner. Big Timber chronicles the perilous labor of Kevin Wenstob, a logger and sawmill owner, as he and his team go to extraordinary lengths to save the family sawmill and their way of life.

Where is Big Timber filmed on Vancouver Island?

During the course of the previous year, the majority of the program was shot on Klitsa Mountain, which is located in the Alberni Valley. There is a potential loss of several million dollars worth of red and yellow cedar, fir, and hemlock. Big Timber will proceed to air on Thursday evenings at 7 o’clock on History throughout the month of November.

How much do they get paid on Big Timber?

The annual salary range for crew members might be anything from $56,000 to $84,000, depending on the level that they have within the crew.

Is Big Timber scripted?

Big Timber is an unscripted documentary in which film teams follow the day-to-day logging operations of a corporation.These operations encompass a broad array of tasks that take place on land, sea, and air and are carried out using a truck, boat, and helicopter respectively.Wenstob is himself a boat builder and sailor, and because to his extensive mechanical knowledge, he is able to fix just about anything.

Has Big Timber been Cancelled?

Those who are rooting for a second season of Big Timber should take heart from the fact that the show has not been canceled as of yet.

Where is Kevin Wenstob’s Mill?

On the ″Victoria side of Sooke,″ directly across the street from Saseenos Elementary School, you’ll find the mill and the warehouse. 2050 Idlemore Rd.

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Is Coleman related to Kevin in Big Timber?

Coleman Wilner is the hook tender on the timber claim and the lead sawyer at the sawmill. He is Kevin’s right-hand guy and works for the company. Coleman, who is a determined, committed, and hard worker, has the ambition to one day achieve the same level of success in the industry as.

How much does a logger make in Canada?

In Canada, a Logger can expect to earn a yearly salary of $55,407 and an hourly wage of $27. The compensation range for a Logger typically falls anywhere between $41,429 and $67,020 on average. This study of compensation was derived using data from a wage survey that was conducted in Canada and was filled out by both anonymous workers and Canadian businesses.

Is Coleman on Big Timber married?

He has been dating Alysha Rodger for a significant amount of time. However, if you go to his Instagram profile, you will be able to see certain aspects of his private life. Willner has tragically been taken off the market, and it has been that way for some time. We apologize to anyone who was hoping he was still available.

Is Big Timber realistic?

It appears to have done well enough in terms of ratings that the first season of the show was made available on Netflix in early July, and it reached its highest position on the list of the Top 10 Trending Shows at number six.Since streaming services like Netflix began offering original programming, ″Big Timber″ has become one of the most successful reality shows to have originated on traditional television networks.

Will there be a Big Timber season 2?

We have some exciting news to share with all of the fans.The program was given the go light for a new season in January of this year, and it is expected to include eight fewer episodes than the previous season had.Our devoted fans in Canada may anticipate that the program will premiere before the year 2021 comes to a close.It is expected to become available on Netflix by the summer of 2022.

What company is on Big Timber?

The new logging-themed reality program on Netflix called ″Big Timber″ takes a deep and often harrowing look at the industry’s various perils by following the committed workforce of Wenstob Timber Resources Ltd. on Canada’s Vancouver Island as they hone their craft and battle the weather.

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Will there be a Big Timber season 3?

Big Timber Season 3 is yet to be confirmed by Netflix The program is either on a hiatus or the new season is yet to be planned. We’ll keep you posted.

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