Where Can I Watch The Equalizer Tv Show?

The Equalizer is available to watch on Netflix.

Can I watch The Equalizer on Netflix?

Accessibility on Various Platforms You may watch The Equalizer online through the iTunes Store, YouTube, Google Play, or Netflix; alternatively, you can buy it through the online marketplace Amazon Prime.

Is The Equalizer on any streaming service?

Currently available to stream is the criminal thriller series The Equalizer, which stars Queen Latifah, Tory Kittles, and Adam Goldberg among its cast members. It’s Free TV on your Roku device if you watch it on Prime Video, VUDU, Spectrum TV, the Vudu Movie & TV Store, Paramount Plus, Apple TV, CBS, or Pluto TV. You can also watch it on CBS.

Where can I watch The Equalizer TV Show Season 1?

At this time, you are able to access the first season of ″The Equalizer″ on Paramount Plus, the Paramount+ Amazon Channel, or you may watch it for free on Pluto TV with advertisements. Downloads of ″The Equalizer – Season 1″ are also available for purchase on Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, and Vudu, among other online video services.

Where can I watch The Equalizer with Edward Woodward?

Due to the fact that you are the Equalizer. On NBC, you may watch one or more episodes of The Equalizer, which stars Edward Woodward, for free.

Is The Equalizer on Paramount plus?

Vox Populi is the sixteenth episode of Season 2 of The Equalizer and can be viewed in its entirety on Paramount Plus. In order to stream this video in the United States, you need to be a subscriber to Paramount+.

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How much is paramount plus a month?

You may watch without any advertisements for only $9.99 per month, or you can save 16% off your monthly pricing by purchasing an annual membership for $99.99 each year (the Premium plan DOES include your local live CBS station).

Is The Equalizer on Hbomax?

Watch TV Shows Online with HBO Max, Including ″The Equalizer.″

Is The Equalizer on Tubi?

Tubi now offers a cost-free streaming option for The Equalizer for its users.

How do I watch equalizer for free?

Look for ″The Equalizer″ on CBS All Access if you want to watch the program online and catch up on any episodes you may have missed or watch the complete series when it becomes available (free trial).

Is The Equalizer free on Amazon Prime?

After its first airing on CBS, the first episode of the new season of The Equalizer will be made immediately accessible to see online for free on Pluto TV, Amazon Prime Video, and the official CBS YouTube channel.

Where can I watch a missed episode of The Equalizer?

If you happen to miss an episode of The Equalizer, don’t worry—Paramount+ will make the program accessible on-demand the day after it airs live, so you won’t have to worry about missing out. You may test out the service risk-free thanks to Paramount+’s 7-day free trial, which is available to new users.

Can I watch The Equalizer on Paramount?

The Equalizer is shown on CBS and may be seen on Paramount Plus.

What night and channel is The Equalizer on?

You’ll be able to catch live broadcasts of The Equalizer when it resumes airing new episodes of season 2 on the CBS channel on Sunday evenings at 8 o’clock Eastern Time.

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