What Was The Most Watched Tv Show Finale Ever?

The final episode of M*A*S*H, which broadcast on February 28, 1983, was the most viewed series finale ever, according to the source, with 105.9 million viewers tuning in to see it. As of the month of August in 2018, the television series finales that had the greatest number of viewers in the United States were: (in millions)

What is the most-watched series finale on TV?

Nearly 106 million people, or 77 percent of homes that had TVs at the time, tuned in to witness the series finale of ″M*A*S*H″ in 1983, making it the most-watched series finale in the history of television. The show had been on the air for 11 seasons prior to the finale.

What was the most watched show on TV in 1990?

A total of 21.7 million people watched the series finale of the extraterrestrial comedy ‘Alf’ in 1990 all together at the same moment on their televisions. In comparison, there were 14.73 million people who watched the season finale of the most popular program on television, which was CBS’s ″The Big Bang Theory,″ the year before.

What is the most watched episode of mash ever?

1. M*A*S*H / 1983. M*A*S*H’s ″Goodbye, Farewell and Amen,″ which Alan Alda directed in 1983, had 105.9 million viewers, making it not only the most-watched series finale ever, but also the most-watched television event ever, up until the Super Bowl in 2010, which had 106 million viewers. In 2010, the Super Bowl surpassed it as the most-watched television event ever.

How many viewers did the Seinfeld finale have?

It was the most-watched entertainment program since the ″Seinfeld″ finale in 1998, when 52.5 million viewers turned in to witness the series conclusion when it aired in 2004. It is widely acknowledged that ″Seinfeld″ is one of the most influential comedies in the annals of television’s history. The show was co-created by Larry David (″Curb Your Enthusiasm″) and Jerry Seinfeld.

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What is the most watched TV show finale?

  1. The 24 Television Shows That Ended Up Being the Most Watched, Part 1 of 25. Amazon. Warm Regards and Best Wishes
  2. 2 / 25. Amazon. ‘Lost’
  3. 3 out of 25 for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Amazon
  4. 4 out of 25 for ‘Game of Thrones’ on Amazon
  5. 5 / 25. Amazon. ‘L.A.
  6. 6 / 25. Amazon. ‘MacGyver’
  7. 7 / 25. Amazon. ‘St.
  8. 8 out of 25 for ‘Full House’ on Amazon

What is the most watched TV show in history?

The last episode of the M*A*S*H television series aired on February 28, 1983, and amazingly, it is still the most watched episode of any television show in the history of television.

Which sitcom holds the record for the most watched episode?

John Sullivan is responsible for the creation of the British comedy ‘Only Fools and Horses,’ as well as its writing. From 1981 to 1991, BBC One in the United Kingdom showed all seven series of the show. After that, between 1991 and 2003, the channel aired a total of sixteen intermittent Christmas specials until the show was cancelled in 2003.

Did Seinfeld or Friends have higher ratings?

Throughout the entirety of its existence, Friends attracted an average of 23.6 million viewers, whereas Seinfeld attracted 26.6 million.

Who has been on TV the most?

David Hasselhoff, who is an American actor, has the title of being the guy in the history of television who has received the most viewers.

What was the most watched Only Fools and Horses?

Only Fools and Horses has an episode titled ″Time on Our Hands,″ which you may see on the BBC. When it was initially shown on television on December 29, 1996, it was the concluding part of the Christmas trilogy for that particular year and the sixteenth Christmas special overall. It set a new record for the number of people watching a sitcom in the United Kingdom with 24,3 million viewers.

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Is Friends the most successful sitcom ever?

Throughout the course of its existence, Friends earned widespread critical acclaim and established itself as one of the most successful television series in history. The sitcom was nominated for a total of 62 Primetime Emmy Awards, ultimately taking home the trophy for Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002, during the eighth season of its run.

Is Seinfeld the greatest show ever?

According to the results of a recent survey, the NBC classic comes out on top, beating out The Honeymooners, Friends, and Arrested Development. Although taste in comedy may vary from person to person, a recent survey conducted by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes found that Seinfeld is unquestionably the finest sitcom that has ever been produced.

How much does Larry David make from Seinfeld reruns?

What is the annual salary of Larry David? David’s earnings from Seinfeld alone are reported to range between $40 and $50 million each year. These earnings come from syndication, royalties, retail sales, and DVD sales.

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