What Happened To 10 Days In The Valley Tv Show?

According to TVLine’s report, the show Ten Days has been ″essentially cancelled,″ despite the fact that the network has not issued an official comment about the show’s future. The show went off the air for two months, but it came back on the air in December on Saturdays, and the most recent episode attracted 1.4 million people.

What is ten days in the Valley TV show?

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the TV show Ten Days in the Valley right now. The world begins to turn upside down. The American television drama series Ten Days in the Valley tells the story of a television producer whose life is thrown upside down when her little daughter goes missing in the middle of the night.

What happened to Lake in 10 days in the valley?

A Week and a Half in the Valley Jane is a mother, and she is also the producer of an exciting new television series. She already feels like she is being stretched to her limit in both of these roles. Now, when Jane is going through the process of divorcing her husband, her small daughter, Lake (Pniowsky), goes missing in the middle of the night.

Is ten days in the valley worth watching?

The American television drama series Ten Days in the Valley debuted on ABC on October 1, 2017, and ran until January 6, 2018.It was produced in the United States.On August 4, 2016, the project was given a green light to go straight to series.Give it a go, would you?The show, in my view, is more than capable of competing with anything else that is currently airing on television at the moment.

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Is ABC’s ‘ten days in the valley’ struggling to find audiences?

The first four episodes of the television show Ten Days in the Valley on ABC were broadcast on Sundays. However, ever since it was first shown, the drama series has had a hard time attracting viewers.

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