Fbi Tv Show What Happened To Rina?

In the ninth episode of the fourth season of FBI, Assistant Director in Charge Rina Trenholm was the victim of a shooting, which was a scenario that generated a great lot of concern for both her partner, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine (Jeremy Sisto), and fans of FBI.

Is Kathleen Munroe leaving FBI as Rina?

It is speculated that Kathleen Munroe may quit the FBI series after her character Rina Trenholm was murdered in an episode of the show. However, we do not have sufficient data to determine whether or not she will continue to appear on the show.

What happened to Rina on’Orange is the new black’?

  • As a refresher, she was killed in the ninth episode of Season 4 when vindictive Antonio Vargas, played by David Zayas, who had planned and executed the attack from behind bars, pulled the trigger.
  • Even though she was brought to the hospital, we were never informed as to whether or not she was okay.
  • We are provided with an update on Rina’s condition during the eleventh episode of Season 4, appropriately named ″Grief.″ So did she make it?

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