When Does The Tv Show The Expanse Take Place?

However, after considering a number of possibilities, it appears that the year 2350 is the most likely starting point for The Expanse. This is mostly supported by the fact that the original title of the series was 2350.

Why was expanse Cancelled?

The Expanse showrunner Naren Shankar told io9 that budgetary concerns were the primary reason for this decision, and that this is also the reason why season six was reduced from ten episodes to only six episodes: ‘ Amazon and Alcon Television came to that conclusion and made the choice.

How much time has passed in The Expanse?

The most important piece of information is provided when The Expanse gives its audience a report on the development of Marco’s asteroid storm, in which it states, ″173 days since launch.″ This indicates that around six months have elapsed between the last scene of The Expanse season 4 and the very beginning of The Expanse season 5.The first episode of The Expanse season 5 is set in the same universe as The Expanse season 4.

How far in the future is The Expanse set?

In the same vein as Game of Thrones, The Expanse has ambitious goals: The time period is three hundred years into the future, when humanity has colonized the rest of the solar system and is now divided into three primary groups living on Earth, Mars, and in the asteroid belt (Belters, for short).

Why is there a time jump in The Expanse?

The Temporal Skip The novels in The Expanse move forward over three decades since it takes time to construct the Laconian Empire. However, this results in our favorite characters being much older and often spread to the distant reaches of the galaxy.

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Will there be a Expanse season 7?

Is The Expanse returning for a seventh season? Regrettably, the producers of the show have decided not to produce a seventh season of the show.

Is The Expanse true to the books?

There is no difference in the narrative no matter how you choose to experience it. THE EXPANSE is a political science fiction narrative that is set in a future in which humanity have harnessed high-speed space travel, but only to a very minor degree in comparison to other science fiction topics.

What is the human population in The Expanse?

Because there are more than 30 billion people living on the earth, there is a severe lack of employment opportunities, and resources are in extremely short supply. Despite the fact that several businesses on Earth as well as the United Nations itself are filthy rich, the majority of the population of the globe lives in appalling poverty.

Where are the ring gates in The Expanse?

The Sol gate, also known as the Sol ring or simply ‘the Ring,’ is a ring-shaped megastructure that has an approximate diameter of one thousand kilometers and is positioned in a stationary location approximately two astronomical units outside the orbit of Uranus.

Who created Protomolecule?

Around two billion years ago, extraterrestrials devised the Protomolecule and sent it on its way as part of the Bracewell probe swarm in the direction of stars that contained planetary systems with circumstances favorable to the formation and evolution of some type of molecular replication mechanism.

Why is The Expanse so short?

The sixth season of The Expanse is a very pricey season. Gizmodo reports that Amazon and Alcon Television were the ones who made the decision to reduce the number of episodes in the season from 10 to 6. It was mostly determined by the amount of money that was available. We are aware that the production of the series does not come cheap.

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What is Ceres in The Expanse?

Ceres, also known as 1 Ceres, is the biggest known asteroid, the sole dwarf planet in the inner Solar System, and the first asteroid found by humans. Ceres also has the designation of being the first asteroid identified by humanity. The Asteroid Belt is where you’ll find it.

What is a ring gate?

A gate that has a wider entrance and a centered disk in the middle to prevent molten metal from dropping in a straight vertical stream.

How many books will be in The Expanse?

The Expanse is comprised of a total of eight longer works and nine longer books (two prequel short stories, one prequel novella, one interquel short story, and four interquel novellas). Following the events of the main book series, there is going to be one more novella written.

What is the ring station in The Expanse?

The Investigator requested that James Holden accompany him to the Ring Station, which is sometimes referred to as the ″Hub″ or simply ″the Station.″ This station is located at the center of the sluggish zone and is the place that The Investigator intended to see.It got its name from the ships that had exceeded the allowed speed and were drawn around the Station like a ring when they had reached the limit.

How far does The Expanse show go in the books?

We anticipate that the last book in the series will bring an end to the saga at around that point.

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