What Is La Brea Tv Show About?

An enormous sinkhole appears out of nowhere in Los Angeles, trapping members of one family and a group of helpless strangers inside of an unexplained primitive world.

What is the story behind the TV show La Brea?

(As we previously reported, the ambitious La Brea television series, which follows a group of people that fell through a Los Angeles sinkhole and landed 12,000 years in the past, and which takes place in at least two different timelines, was never intended to produce 20something episodes per season.)

Is La Brea worth watching?

The program is enjoyable, with enough suspense to keep viewers intrigued. The cast is also multicultural and it appears that the show’s authors are bent on giving viewers with people who don’t fall into popular racial or cultural clich├ęs.

Is La Brea OK for kids to watch?

La Brea is an action-adventure and science fiction program about a giant sinkhole that traps inhabitants in an underground realm. Parents need to know this information because it is important. There aren’t many cuss words in the program, but there are a few sequences that talk about drinking and doing drugs, and there’s even one scene that shows a character drinking.

Is Ordinary Joe Cancelled?

After just one season, NBC has decided to cancel the show ″Ordinary Joe.″

How does La Brea end?

In the last episode of the first season of La Brea, which was named ″Topanga,″ Eve (Natalie Zea) was successful in sending Isaiah (Diesel La Torraca), who will one day grow up to be her husband Gavin (Eoin Macken), through the portal to 1988. Gavin will one day be played by Eoin Macken. However, he wasn’t the only one who vanished into the light; others did as well.

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Is La Brea scary?

But the traumatic birth of the sinkhole is really a terrifying state-of-the-art CGI event, with roads and buildings crackling into twisted dust while stuff (including people) plummets into a supernatural void.This event has roads and buildings crackling into twisted dust while stuff (including people) plummets into a supernatural void.For the next nine minutes, you are immersed in the most terrifying and nail-biting catastrophe movie that has ever been made.

Is La Brea like manifest?

Manifest. The fact that Manifest has the feel of La Brea is presumably because it uses comparable science fiction principles to present a tale that focuses on a family. In this television series, the characters are all passengers on a plane that vanishes for five years and then reappears as if nothing had occurred to them during that time.

Is La Brea TV show based on a book?

No, La Brea was not adapted from a previously published work. The horrifying and surreal event was David Applebaum’s idea, and he is the genius behind it. According to SyFy, David acknowledged in September 2021 during a panel discussion that the whole series was inspired by only one picture, which depicted a massive sinkhole opening up in the midst of Los Angeles.

What is La Brea age rating?

Due to the nature of the subject shown in La Brea, the series has been given a TV-14 age rating.

Is La Brea on Netflix?

You can watch the first three seasons on Netflix, which is also where the fourth season of the program will be arriving in the not too distant future.You also can’t go wrong with this choice because the creators of La Brea are aware that the program is somewhat similar to Lost.This is evidenced by the fact that they made careful to name-check the iconic crashed airplane story in the pilot episode.

Is New Amsterdam Cancelled?

The medical drama New Amsterdam will come to an end following the completion of its fifth season, as was originally stated, during the 2022-2023 broadcast season.

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Why did Ordinary Joe get Cancelled?

According to information obtained by Entertainment Weekly, NBC has decided to cancel its ambitious drama Ordinary Joe, which followed James Wolk’s titular character across three parallel worlds.The series debuted in September and finished its first and only season, which consisted of 13 episodes, in January.It was met with a variety of reactions from critics, and it did not fare well in the ratings.

Is million little things Cancelled?

ABC has given the go light for the production of a third season of A Million Little Things, which will air in 2020-21.

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