What Happened To Ghost Hunters Tv Show?

The series was canceled after its twelfth and thirteenth seasons aired on A&E between August 21, 2019, and May 27, 2020. However, it was revived for its fourteenth season on Discovery+, which began airing on October 31, 2021. The revival of the series occurred in the early part of 2019. A&E broadcast the series’ twelfth and thirteenth seasons between August 21, 2019, and May 27, 2020.

What happened to ghost hunts on TV?

  1. The show ran for a total of three seasons, and many of its admirers also watch other shows on the same network.
  2. Zaffis in particular has a strong profile of his own as a paranormal researcher, and after being a series star, he would definitely desire top billing for his role in the film adaptation of the series.
  3. No matter what the outcome is, the show will go on, and the ghost hunts will go as normal for the time being.

Is ‘Ghost Hunters’ returning without Jason Hawes?

A&E has opted to bring back the paranormal reality series Ghost Hunters, but the show will not feature its original lead, Jason Hawes. The first run of Ghost Hunters aired on Syfy and lasted for 11 seasons.

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