Who Died On Empire Tv Show?

In the last minutes of the season finale of Empire, which was titled ″Home is on the Way,″ two characters had passed away, and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) and Lucious (Terrence Howard) had reconciled with one another. Sign up for the Newsweek Newsletter >

The death of Yana marks the conclusion of episode 18, which would have given a week to her. If she had been shot first, then we could have taken a break and came back to find out she was killed, which would have seemed less jarring than the current situation.

Is someone going to die on EMPIRE Season 5?

Keisha Hatchett The time now is 12:28 p.m. PT on October 31. Someone is about to pass away on Empire (oh no! ), and the unexplained circumstances surrounding that big death will serve as the show’s primary focus throughout Season 5.

Is Kingsley dead on ‘Empire’?

In the first episode of the fifth season of Empire, a flash-forward sequence was shown in which Lucious was seen standing over a mystery casket.During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Brett Mahoney described the upcoming death as ″impactful.″ Well, after a season of hints and clues, the season 5 finale has now confirmed that Kingsley (A.Z.Kelsey), the newest Lyon, was the unfortunate person who lost their life.

What happened to Lucious’s death in ‘Empire’ Season 5?

Someone is about to pass away on Empire (oh no! ), and the unexplained circumstances surrounding that big death will serve as the show’s primary focus throughout Season 5. In a glimpse into the future set six months in the future, Terrence Howard’s character Lucious is shown weeping while standing over a covered casket while lamenting the death of a person whose name is not yet known.

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Who died at the end of Empire?

But in essence, that’s how the situation played out. It’s not all that different from what we had in mind for it. Yana passes away at the conclusion of that scene, and when we take up the story again at the beginning of episode 19, we find both Damon (Wood Harris) and Lucious (Terrence Howard) lamenting her passing.

Who all dies in Empire?

  1. Characters Who Have Passed Away Jeff Kingsley
  2. Rhonda Lyon
  3. The name is Tracey Kingsley
  4. Mimi Whiteman

What happens to Andre on Empire?

Andre, the eldest son, played by Trai Byers, is out of the hospital but is still heartbroken by his separation from his wife and children. His personal crisis was the cause of the mistake that gave Kelly and Giselle the opportunity to take over. Cookie is unable to dissuade him from going on a religious mission in South America, and he has already stated his intention to depart.

What happens to Claudia in Empire?

Thirsty locates Claudia’s counselor and takes her to talk to Cookie about the situation. The therapist discloses that Claudia has gone too far in the past with one of the Olympic track stars when it comes to using her tactics. She did the same thing with him as she did with Lucious: she moved in with the family and then transported him to a remote location in upstate New York.

Who is in the casket on Empire season 5?

The revelation that Kingsley was inside the coffin took place at a time when the futures of the other Lyon sons appeared to be more bleak. Andre had been seen previously in a flash-forward flatlining, and Jamal actor Jussie Smollett has been embroiled in controversy, and upon renewing the series, Fox stated that there are ″no plans″ for him to return.

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What happened at the end of Empire?

The last episode of the series takes place at the premiere of the film Empire, where Cookie, Lucious, and their boys are all there. Hakeem is performing, and Andre has made the decision to remain with his family and work on his relationship with his kid.

Does Andre have a baby in Empire?

The scene cuts to Andre leaning over the infant and pleading with him to pull through the ordeal at the hospital, where the episode comes to a close. He prays to God for forgiveness, and the infant appears to be doing well afterward.

Who does Andre Lyon end up with?

Rhonda Lyon (wife) Even though they are married to each other, it has been shown that both of them have been involved in several affairs. However, it appears that both of them are aware of the other person’s dishonest behavior and that they encourage one another to carry it out if it means that it would assist them in gaining control of the Empire.

What happened to Jamal on Empire?

Smollett, who had portrayed Lucious’ musician son Jamal on Empire since the show’s premiere in 2015, was written out of the final episodes of Season 5 after having a run-in with the law that generated a lot of media attention.

Does Andrew go to jail Empire?

Oh yeah, Andre is currently doing time in prison for his part in the tragic events that led to Anika’s death when she fell through the glass barrier. According to Andre, having Thirsty as your counsel was the most effective strategy for getting in and out of jail in the quickest period of time possible.

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What happened to thirsty on Empire?

Thirsty admits that he attended the University of Guam, a fact that he is quick to justify by pointing out that although the campus is different, the curriculum is the same (in comparison with Harvard).

Do Maya and Hakeem get together?

Poundcake’s daughter, Cookie Lyon’s fellow inmate Poundcake’s daughter Maya was taken from her mother when she was still in her mother’s arms shortly after she was born and later adopted by parents from the upper middle class.She has had years of training in ballet, and it shows in her poise, beauty, and determination as a dancer.While they were on their way back from Vegas, she fell asleep wedded to Hakeem.

Why did they cancel Empire?

Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, the creators and executive producers of Empire, have addressed the unexpected cancellation of their show as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic in separate statements, with Daniels and Strong expressing the hope that they will be able to shoot a proper finale at some point in the future.Given the current state of affairs in the United States, there are no preparations in place to do that at this time.

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