What Is The Most Viewed Tv Show On Netflix?

The top 10 most popular English language television shows, ranked by the total number of hours seen in their first month on Netflix. Most Popular TV (English)

# TV (English) Hours viewed in first 28 days
1 Bridgerton: Season 2 656,260,000
2 Bridgerton: Season 1 625,490,000
3 Stranger Things 3 582,100,000
4 Lucifer: Season 5 569,480,000

What are the top 10 most popular Netflix shows and movies?

Clickbait and He’s All That are two of the newest additions to the list of the top 10 most popular series and movies available on Netflix according to Rotten Tomatoes. Other popular titles on this list include Money Heist, Manifest, and others.

How often does Netflix publish its most popular shows?

It was revealed in November 2021 that Netflix will start posting a weekly list listing its most popular TV series over the course of a seven-day period. This has proven to be an excellent method for determining what people all around the world are viewing at any one moment.

How does Netflix rank titles based on hours viewed?

The ranking of titles according to the number of weekly hours viewed, which is the total number of hours that subscribers all over the world watched each title from Monday through Sunday of the previous week, Netflix provides users with four distinct lists on a consistent basis: two for movies (English and Non-English), and two for television series (English and Non-English).

What are the most watched TV genres around the world?

Another type of television program that is unexpectedly successful in other countries is the American medical drama. The Good Doctor, starring Freddie Highmore as an autistic surgeon and airing on ABC in the United States for its fifth season, is one of the network shows that made it onto this list of the most viewed television programs.

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