What Is The Longest Running Primetime Tv Show?

  1. The Simpsons (1989 to present): The Simpsons is the longest-running primetime scripted series of all time, as well as the longest-running primetime scripted series presently on the air, with a whopping 30 seasons and 659 episodes as of the time this article was written.
  2. In April of 2018, with its 636th episode, it eclipsed CBS’s Gunsmoke, which had broadcast 635 episodes from 1955 through 1975, to win the title.
  3. Gunsmoke had ran for a total of 32 years.

List of longest-running scripted American primetime television programs

Number of seasons Series Last air date
33 The Simpsons Present
23 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Present
21 Law & Order Present
20 Gunsmoke 1975-03-31

What is the longest-running TV show of all time?

The length of time a program has been broadcast on television, rather than the total number of episodes it has produced, is taken into consideration when determining which one is the longest-running. Programa Silvio Santos, which airs in Brazil, has the record for being the show that has been presented by the same individual for the longest amount of time.

What TV show has the most episodes?

Gunsmoke not only holds the distinction for being the third longest-running primetime television program of all time, but it also owns the record for the most episodes of a prime time, live-action, scripted television series, having broadcast an incredible 635 episodes during the course of the show’s existence. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has aired for a total of 21 seasons.

What is the longest running medical show on TV?

The premiere of the sixteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy on ABC in September 2019 marked the show’s ascension to the position of longest-running primetime medical drama series, unseating ER in the process. The drama, which was produced by Shonda Rhimes, made its debut for the first time in March of 2005, and ever since then, it has become a phenomenon in popular culture.

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What is the longest running lawn and Garden Show on TV?

  1. The programme that claims to be ″the longest lasting locally produced program in the history of television″ also claims to be the show with the longest running time for home lawn and gardening.
  2. 2,000 episodes were produced before Carson took over the show.
  3. Hosted by Steve Allen.

Tonight, with Steve Allen as your host.Jack Paar will serve as your host.Tonight, Jack Paar will be your host.Johnny Carson served as the show’s host.

What is the longest-running primetime TV show in history?

With a total of 635 episodes, ‘Gunsmoke’ holds the record for the longest-running dramatic series in the annals of network television history.

What is the top 10 longest-running TV show?

The Best and Longest-Running Television Shows, Ranked

  1. #1: ″Doctor Who,″ which ran from 1963 to 1989 and since 2005
  2. #2: ″The Simpsons″ (airing since 1989)
  3. #3: ″Gunsmoke″ (1955-75)
  4. #4: ″Sesame Street″ (1969-)
  5. #5: ″Saturday Night Live,″ which has been running since 1975
  6. #6: ″South Park″ (1997-)
  7. ″The Simpsons″
  8. ″Coronation Street″ (1960-), ranked seventh
  9. #8: ″M*A*S*H″ (1972-83)

What is the longest-running TV show in America?

Longest-running daytime drama. * The Guiding Light had its debut as a radio program on January 25, 1937, and its first appearance on television was on June 30, 1952. This gives the production a total duration of 72 years, beginning with its radio debut and ending with its television debut.

Which is the longest-running TV show in the world?

A listing, sorted by genre, of the television programs that have aired the longest.

Rank Years Show name
1 77 The Championships, Wimbledon
2 76 Lord Mayor’s Show
3 74 Meet the Press
4 73 CBS Evening News
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What was the most watched television show finale in history?

The figures presented in the graph reflect the number of viewers who tuned in to see the last episodes of the most popular television series in the United States as of August 2018. The final episode of M*A*S*H, which broadcast on February 28, 1983, was the most viewed series finale ever, according to the source, with 105.9 million viewers tuning in to see it.

What TV show has been on for 30 years?

While ‘The Simpsons’ has been broadcasting for the last 30 years, ‘The Bachelor’ has only been on the air for the past 18 years.

What TV show has the most episodes ever?

1. ‘Gunsmoke’ The hugely popular television series ″Gunsmoke,″ which depicted the colonization of the American West and ran on CBS from 1955 through 1975, was inspired by the famous radio drama of the same name. Over the course of those 20 seasons, it amassed an incredible 635 episodes, which is the most for any scripted primetime series in the history of television.

What sitcom has the most episodes?

The following is a list of the longest-running scripted primetime television series based on the amount of episodes, in recognition of ″The Simpsons″ achieving a new landmark of 700 episodes.

What is the second longest-running TV show?

General Hospital is the second-longest running drama series in the history of American television, having aired more than 15,000 episodes. Since the first episode aired in 1963 on the ABC network, the show has continued to run as an ongoing series.

What was the first ever TV show?

On September 11, 1928, the Schenectady, New York station WGY aired The Queen’s Messenger, which is considered to be the first drama ever shown on television. In 1929, the American scientist Vladimir Zworykin, who was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States, gave a demonstration of the first practical electronic system for the transmission and receiving of pictures.

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Is GREY’s the longest-running TV show?

Topline. It was announced on Monday that the ever-popular ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy would be renewed for a nineteenth season, making it the sixth-longest running primetime show in the history of television. Listed below are some of the careers that have been launched as a result of the show’s success over the course of its lengthy run.

What is the longest movie ever made?

The Cure for Insomnia, which was produced in the United States in 1987 and ran for a total of 85 hours, holds the record for the longest film ever produced. It was directed by John Henry Timmis IV and had its world premiere at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, in Chicago, Illinois, in its entirety from January 31 to February 3, 1987.

What is the longest running live action sitcom?

According to FX, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia recently become the longest-running live-action sitcom in the history of television in the United States with the premiere of its 15th season this week.

Is SNL the longest running show?

American sketch comedy and variety television series that has aired on Saturday nights on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) network since 1975, making it one of the longest-running programs in television history. Its original name was (1975–1977) NBC’s Saturday Night. Saturday Night Live (SNL), the acronym for ″Saturday Night Live,″ was the show’s original name from 1975–1977.

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