Tv Show Where Female Movie Star Dates A Male School Teacher?

Hannah Fidell is the creator of the American drama television miniseries A Teacher, which is based on the film of the same name that she directed. Both Kate Mara and Nick Robinson are starring in this series. A Teacher (miniseries)

A Teacher
Genre Drama
Created by Hannah Fidell
Based on A Teacher by Hannah Fidell
Directed by Hannah Fidell Gillian Robespierre Andrew Neel

Are there any movies about teacher/student relationships?

Hot For Teacher is a film list compiled by Vanina Letterboxd that focuses on student-teacher relationships in movies. Defeating the stereotypical romantic clich├ęs, one forbidden one at a time, see also: Tempted religious leaders are shown in film as being ″hot for preacher.″

Who are the actors in the movie a teacher’s friend?

An experienced high school teacher develops a friendship with a more recent art teacher who is having an affair with one of her students who is fifteen years old.However, her goals with this new ″friend″ go way beyond merely having a friendly relationship with one another.Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench, Andrew Simpson, and Tom Georgeson are among the cast members.Richard Eyre is the film’s director.

What are the top 10 teacher/student affair movies?

The Best Movies About Students and Teachers Having an Affair 1 1. A Teacher (2013) | Not Rated | Drama, Romance | 75 minutes | Unrated 2 2. Remarks Regarding a Controversy (2006) 3 3. The Individual Behind the Piano (2001) 4 4. In Memory of My Devoted Daughter (1996 TV Movie) 5 5. Bloomington (2010) Additional things

What is the movie a teacher about?

A TEACHER is a film that explores the unraveling of a young high school teacher, Diana (Lindsay Burdge), after she has an affair with one of her teenage students, Eric. The film is a mixture of a psychological thriller and a thought-provoking character study (Will Brittain).

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