I Know What You Did Last Summer Tv Show Killer?

Because she was one of those teenagers, the killer was ultimately aware of what that group of young people were up to throughout the previous summer. In the most recent episodes of the Amazon show I Know What You Did Last Summer, it looked as though the killer was Dylan (played by Ezekial Goodman), but it turned out that Margot (Brianne Tju) was the one responsible all along.

Who is the killer in the series I Know What You Did Last Summer?

In spite of the fact that prior episodes seemed to indicate that Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman) was the murderer, the season 1 conclusion of the Amazon Prime Video series revealed that Margot (Brianne Tju) had been the murderer the entire time.

Is Margo the killer on I Know What You Did Last Summer?

In the eighth episode of ″I Know What You Did Last Summer,″ it is disclosed that Margot is the one responsible for the murders.

Who is the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 2?

Margot is revealed to be the killer, driven by her love for Lennon and her desire to exact revenge on everyone involved in her sister’s death. By the time the season reaches its conclusion (and SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T YET WATCHED THE SERIES), Dylan has become enamored with the cult, Johnny and Riley have been murdered, and Margot is the killer. Dylan has also become enamored with the cult.

Who killed Alison in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

But in the end, Margot finds herself developing true feelings for Allison. As a result of the emotions that she is experiencing, Margot provides Allison with one final opportunity to admit that she has been lying. Margot ultimately resorts to stabbing Allison since she does not confess.

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Why is Margot the killer?

Even though Margot’s reason for why she murdered Johnny is very flimsy, her killing spree was driven by her obsessive love for Lennon, which led to her going on a murdering rampage. (According to her, Allison loved him ″more than anybody else″)

Is Clara the killer in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Alison is not likely to be held responsible for the recent number of murders that have taken place in Wai Huna. It has been revealed that the person responsible for Lennon’s death is neither Dylan, who was the primary teen red herring the entire time, nor Clara, who did in fact commit herself with Dylan’s assistance, but rather Margot, who was Lennon’s best friend and was in love with her.

Why did Alison blame Dylan?

Despite the fact that Margot stabbed Alison in the stomach, she continued to protect herself by blaming Dylan for the killings. Dylan was the one that Police Chief Lyla suspected of not revealing the truth about Alison’s actual identity, and Margot was the one who knew the secret that Alison had kept about herself.

Who is the killer in I Know What You Did movie?

Ben Willis is the murderer in ‘IKWYDLS’ But in the movies, Ben Willis (Muse Watson) is the guy who is hit by the automobile and left for dead. I Know What You Did Last Summer still shows an automobile collision. Believing the victim to be dead, the group of youngsters arranges to get rid of the body.

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What did Margot say at the end of episode 7?

In the last seconds of the episode, Margot lazily rubs her fingers over the scars that she created on Alison’s leg to match Lennon’s. She said, ″You have them too,″ to herself.

Does Dylan find out Alison is alive?

The investigation has concluded that Clara was responsible for the murder, and as a result, things have restored to some kind of normalcy.After a period of three weeks, the story resumes with Margot having just come out of rehabilitation with Allison and Dylan together.They share a bed, which ultimately results in Allison breaking her silence and revealing the truth to Dylan.

It turns out that she is not Lennon after all.

What happened at the end of I Know What You Did Last Summer movie?

After breaking into Clara’s hidden cave, the authorities discover a honey-coated body of Riley. They also discover the body of Clara there. After everything appears to have calmed down, Margot decides to stage her own accident. Dylan goes completely insane as Alison confides her secret to him, and as a result, he tells the cops everything they have done together.

Who is Ben Willis?

Benjamin ‘Ben’ Willis, sometimes referred to as simply ‘The Fisherman,’ is the primary antagonist of the films titled ″I Know What You Did Last Summer.″ Bud, a character from a book written by Lois Duncan, served as inspiration for him. In the first two movies, he was played by Muse Watson, and in the third movie, he appeared as a zombie and was played by Don Shanks.

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