How To Get On Getaway Driver Tv Show?

  • These drivers have already acquired the booty, but can they remain undetected long enough to preserve it?
  • Follow Discovery on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to current on the most recent information, and encourage your viewers to join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag ″GetawayDriver.″ October Films is the company that is responsible for producing GETAWAY DRIVER for Discovery.

Is Getaway Driver show real?

In the movie ″Getaway Driver,″ starring Michelle Rodriguez and 24 other drivers and pursuers, the action takes place during a real-life car chase. The show made its debut on July 19 on the Discovery Channel and airs regularly on Monday evenings at 9 o’clock. It is also available to watch on Discovery+.

Where is the TV show Getaway Driver filmed?

The state of Georgia is where the show is filmed. Augusta, Georgia served as the setting for the filming of Getaway Driver. The radio station WRDW quotes Film Augusta as saying that their production ″estimates that this production generated upwards of $1 million in economic benefit for the area.

Will there be Season 2 of Getaway Driver?

Next Episode We’re sorry, but we don’t yet have any dates for Getaway Driver. The show is either not currently airing or the premiere date for the next season has not been determined. We’ll keep you posted. Episodes.

# Name Air Dates
2 Electric Shock Jul 27, 2021
3 Out For Blood Aug 3, 2021
4 The Smashed and the Furious Aug 9, 2021
5 Road Rash Aug 16, 2021

How many episodes of Getaway Driver are there?

Episodes (8) Can these drivers find a way out of the property, avoid being caught by a highly skilled group of pursuers, and make a break for it, or will their vehicles have to make the ultimate sacrifice? During a real-life high-speed automobile pursuit, three vehicles—a Tesla, a 1966 Impala Wagon, and an S2000—attempt to elude a very skilled group of pursuers.

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Who pays for damage on Getaway Driver?

  • This presentation is meant to simulate a real-life vehicle pursuit as closely as possible.
  • In addition, drivers make use of their own private automobiles.
  • It is made even more realistic, according to Prevost, who was driving his Nissan 350Z at the time, knowing that if a car collides with a pursuer and is damaged, the driver of the injured car is responsible for paying for his or her own damages.

What do getaway drivers win?

The show matches three drivers against each other, challenging them to perform challenges while dodging a gang of pursuers in a tight environment. The winner of the day run receives $2,000, while the winner of the night run receives $5,000 in addition to the opportunity to participate on further episodes.

What chemical plant is Getaway Driver filmed?

MORE: The Economic Impact of Agent Game Is Estimated to Be Nearly One Million Dollars During the filming, which took place at the location of the former DSM Chemical facility, off Sand Bar Ferry Road, Bryant, who assisted in the repair of automobiles, stated that they filmed all eight episodes in a span of two weeks.

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