What Is The Longest Running Tv Show Of All Time?

The 10 Television Programs That Have Run the Longest of All Time

  1. The Simpsons series (1989-) The television show ‘The Simpsons’ is very perhaps the most well-known production in the whole globe.
  2. Gunsmoke (1955-75) The original version of ‘Gunsmoke’ was broadcast on the radio and concluded about ten years before it was adapted into a television series
  3. Law and Order (1990-2010) The television series ‘Law and Order’ has the distinction of being the crime-drama program that has aired for the longest amount of time

The Simpsons series Additionally, it has the record for the longest runtime of any scripted television show in history.

What is the longest-running dramatic series of all time?

However, if you are more interested in finding the longest-running program for a certain genre, then the longest-running dramatic series of all time is ″Guiding Light,″ a daytime soap that ran between the years 1952 and 2009.

What is the longest-running scripted comedy in history?

Since its first episode aired in 1989, The Simpsons has racked up an incredible 32 seasons, making it the comedy show with the longest running time overall. You may look at the list of shows with the longest run times in the history of television below.

What is the longest running reality show in the world?

Although there are a number of other variations of Millionaire that are popular in different parts of the world, the American version has been running the longest. The first segment of the Today show. The longest-running reality court program that is still being produced at the present day is presented by Greg Mathis and is one of the court shows that have a continuous, single-series run.

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